How come this choice matter?Additional Considerations/Bottom Line

How come this choice matter?Additional Considerations/Bottom Line

It’s important to obtain this decision right, because then later decide to apply to colleges that require it, you cannot take the SAT/ACT essay section by itself—you would need to retake the entire test if you don’t take the SAT/ACT essay now but. Also, some universities will elect to not add non-essay SAT/ACT administrations within their “super rating” calculation of one’s tests.

Making your choice, the bottom line is

Just take the essay if some of the after are real:

1. There was a possibility that is reasonable you will definitely choose to connect with universities that need the SAT/ACT essay, OR

2. There is certainly a possibility that is reasonable you can expect to connect with “reach” or “match” colleges that suggest the essay, OR

Much like countless decisions within the testing/college admissions procedure, selecting whether or not to use the essay that is SAT/ACT in your university list.

-Check out this post for basic help with starting your university list.

-When you are willing to talk more info on your university list, join North to My Future, your free college admissions method session.

-Finally, as you prepare for expert help with finalizing your university list, check always down our premium university admissions consulting programs.

3. You have got currently done reasonably well (scores of 14+ out of 24 regarding the SAT or 7+ out of 12 in the ACT) 1 for a practice SAT/ACT essay. Why do we state this? If you’re already fairly adept (or better) in the SAT/ACT essay, it’s going to be reasonably simple to enhance your rating throughout the SAT/ACT prep you are currently about to do. Our SAT/ACT Prep Class include essay prep at no extra cost (for SAT/ACT Individual Prep programs, you’ve got the choice to include 60 minutes of essay instruction), and essay prep takes a minimal time investment. For instance, within our ACT Prep Class, we invest about 1.5 hours of course time within the essay, and during the last one year, pupils whom took the essay enhanced their essay score the average of 1.8 points (in the 2-12 scale).

Because enhancing your essay score is fairly straightforward then take the essay to showcase your skills for colleges that fall in the “essay recommend” camp if you are already proficient in writing, you may as well briefly prepare for and.

Want to check always your essay abilities? Our practice that is free SAT ACT tests include an essay rating and rubric.

Think about skipping the essay if most of the after are real:

1. You realize with reasonable certainty that you’ll never be signing up to a universities that need the essay that is SAT/ACT AND

2. You scored unhealthy (under 14 away from 24 regarding the SAT or under 7 away from 12 regarding the ACT) on a training SAT/ACT essay, showing it can be more challenging to boost your rating right into a range that is competitive. (Note: we recommend completing essay prep anyway to see where your score falls by Practice Test if you are taking the SAT/ACT Prep Class, where essay prep is included in the class 2.)

Extra Factors

Great things about Taking the Essay

-The essay is a way to show proficiency written down. It is a good way to give your admissions profile a lift (albeit a little one), particularly when you’re currently great at writing, or you like to display your skills on paper to simply help make up for reduced grades in English classes.

-Compared to the remaining portion of the SAT/ACT, finding your way through the essay usually calls for merely a time that is small to reach significant enhancement (see just what we had written above).

-If you are taking the essay and attain a score that is reasonable you will not need to worry about the essay requirement/recommendation as you finalize your university list.

Downsides of Taking the Essay

-Taking the essay will demand an additional 40-50 moments of energy on test time, plus, if you prep with Frontier Tutoring, a couple of hours of specialized preparation time. Registering for the SAT/ACT that is official essay costs an additional $14 – $17.

Day-It’s theoretically possible that you could perform very poorly on the essay on test. But, presuming you prepare in advance, this result is unlikely—generally, you ought to expect to rating in the exact same range as your newest training test suggests. Furthermore, it is often recognized that the essay has questionable validity that is predictive so scoring somewhat below your target rating in the essay is not likely to be materially harmful for admissions purposes. Finally, you have got more to get than you must lose by get yourself ready for and taking the essay.

Main Point Here

If there’s a chance that is reasonable be applying to universities that want or suggest the SAT/ACT essay, go right ahead and go on it. Similar to items that want to do with university admissions, meaning the point that is starting this decision is developing an initial college list—it’s as easy and also as complicated as that. The good thing is on your journey that we have plenty of resources to help you. Below is a listing of the resources we now have talked about in this article to help you get started. As constantly, please go ahead and e mail us with questions regarding your own personal situation.

Additional Resources

North to My Future (free university admissions session that is strategy

The Frontier 49 (GPA and SAT/ACT norms for admitted candidates at 49 colleges that are popular

Colleges That Need the SAT/ACT Essay

Record present at the time of September 6, 2018; verify all universities on your own list prior to making your final decision

Soka University of America

U.S. Military Academy (West Point)

University of California (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, north park, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz)

University of Delaware

University of Miami

Colleges That Suggest the SAT/ACT Essay

Record present at the time of 6, 2018; verify all colleges on your list before making your decision september

Abilene Christian University

U.S. Coast Guard Academy

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

SUNY Stony Brook

1 they are the approximate average that is national for the SAT/ACT essay parts. Supply: CollegeBoard and ACT, Inc. 2017 National Reports. Even though it is perhaps not simple to find out essay that is median for admitted pupils (as opposed to determining median overall SAT/ACT scores for admitted pupils), specific schools (like the University of California system) do get this information public. We do not recommend investing significant amount of time in calculating a precise target score for the essay it self; the greater amount of significant decision is whether or perhaps not to go, and then preparing sufficiently to achieve a respectable score if you are taking it.

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